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Sometimes circumstances beyond your control can send your finances out of control as well.  We can help you get back on track with a court supervised payment plan in Chapter 13 or to discharge your debt entirely if you qualify for Chapter 7.




OWENS & ROBINSON has a proven track record of superior legal representation in criminal and traffic matters.  We will protect your constitutional rights and defend you against criminal charges.  We will vigorously present your defense and ensure that you are afforded due process in your criminal matter.  We will use every legal means available to make sure that the court knows your side of the story and to reveal the shortcomings of the charges against you.  You deserve a zealous defense and with OWENS & ROBINSON, you'll get one.



We know how painful it is to go through a divorce, struggle with the other parent of your child for custody, to try to raise a child without financial assistance, or to be separated from your child due to the interference of the other parent.  We are here to make sure you get help with your problem.  Whether it's getting child support, custody, or visitation, we can help you exercise your rights.  It's hard to wade through the tumultuous waters of property, money, debt, and other financial matters in divorce. We will make sure the court has all the facts so that you get justice for your family.




When you're hurt in an accident or due to the acts of another, you are vulnerable.  You need someone who will take on insurance companies, negligent businesses, or reckless individuals and make sure you get the compensation you deserve to make you whole again.  We're ready to fight for you to make sure you're protected.


Call now for an appointment.  We can also help you with your employment discrimination claims, contract disputes, real estate transactions, simple wills, loan refinancing, and debt negotiation needs.